UMM Local Presidents Handbook
Chapter 01 Index Chapter 13 Awards and Recognition
Chapter 02 Training Agenda Chapter 14 Resources
Chapter 03 Staff and Commission Members Chapter 15 Men's Ministry Specialist
Chapter 04 NACP and Jurisdiction Members Chapter 16 Spiritual Life
Chapter 05 Purpose and Goal Statement Chapter 17 Strength for Service. Inc
Chapter 06 Organization Chapter 18 Technology and Men's Ministry
Chapter 07 Chartering and EMS Chapter 19 Training Opportunities
Chapter 08 Program Chapter 20 UMM Foundation
Chapter 09 Missions Chapter 20 UMM Foundation\1 Endowment
Chapter 10 Prayer Advocate Chapter 21 Worship Services
Chapter 11 Civic Youth Ministries-Scouting Ministry Specialist Chapter 22 Powerpoint Presentations
Chapter 12 Society of St Andrew

Chapter 01 Index
1 Local UMM Org-Resource Handbook.docx105 K
Plastic Jesus.pdf174 K
Chapter 02 Training Agenda
UMMen Control Book Training Agenda.docx46 K
Chapter 03 Staff and Commission Members
1 Staff.docx963 K
2 GCUMM-Who and What are we.pdf62 K
3 The Benefits of GCUMM and Men to local pastor.pdf79 K
Chapter 04 NACP and Jurisdiction Members
1. NACP Officers60 K
2. Jurisdictional Presidents 6-7-2017.docx12 K
Chapter 05 Purpose and Goal Statement
1 UMM a new model and vision of men.docx13 K
2 The ministry of men in the local church.docx14 K
3 UMM Purpose Flyer.pdf81 K
4 Our Identity, Call & Mission.pdf18 K
5 Helping Men Grow in Christ so others may know Christ.pdf56 K
Chapter 06 Organization
01 LocalPresident job description.pdf928 K
02 Vice Pres job Discreption.pdf19 K
03 UMM Secretary job description.pdf19 K
04 Treasurer job description.pdf0 K
05a An Example of Local UMMen's Organizational Chart.pdf112 K
05b An Example of Local UMMen's Organizational Chart.jpg44 K
06 Steps to start and build a local Men's Ministry.docx17 K
06a Local UMM Team Members Roster 7-28-16.xls37 K
06b Local Team Members Attendance Chart 8-2-16.xls53 K
07 Constitution Local.pdf22 K
08 Bylaws Local.pdf66 K
09 Agenda and Program Building Guide.pdf33 K
10 Spiritual Discussions for a small group of men-Final.pdf111 K
11 GCUMM Brochure 2015.pdf1,646 K
12 Enrollment Enlistment Hobby Survey.pdf129 K
13 Local UMM Self-Improvement Audit 2014.pdf99 K
14 Interest Finder Revised.pdf88 K
15 Fundraising projects Revised.pdf90 K
16 Medical form.pdf114 K
17 2016 GCUMM Three Part Goal Settin-Implementing Course.pdf1,842 K
18 2016 SMART Goals Worksheet.pdf364 K
UMMen Medical Information Form.docx13 K
Chapter 07 Chartering and EMS
01 Why Charter.pdf109 K
02 UMM Annual Charter.pdf120 K
03 Charter online now.docx15 K
04 UMM Charter Presentation Service.pdf52 K
06 Chartering a UMM unit in your Local Church.docx14 K
07 EMS Brochure 2010.pdf524 K
09 EMS Multiple Membership List.pdf19 K
10 Every Man Shares in Evangelism Mission and Spiritual Life.docx13 K
11 UMMCardGeneric (3).doc108 K
12 Legacy Builder Brochure 2015.pdf3,025 K
13 Legacy Builders is an annual fund.docx13 K
15 Shepherds Church Charter Recognition brochure 2013.pdf107 K
Chapter 08 Program
Gathering for Something Greater.pdf24 K
Chapter 09 Missions
1 Chapter Ministry-Wesleyan World War on Hunger.pdf479 K
2 Local Mission Ideas.pdf116 K
3 Nothing but Nets toolkit final.pdf988 K
4 The Hope of Hearing brochure.pdf729 K
5 UMM-UMW Discussion guide-domestic violence.pdf1,036 K
Mission Partners.pdf1,222 K
Mobility Worldwide.pdf1,434 K
SFS Brochure - 2015.pdf1,517 K
Chapter 10 Prayer Advocate
01 Local Church Prayer Advocate Profile.pdf27 K
02 Prayer Volenteer center Application Flyer.pdf191 K
03 Upper Room Brochure 2015.pdf2,575 K
04 Upper Room Poster 2015.pdf713 K
05 PIT Crew Prayer Ministry.doc56 K
06 Press Release - The Upper Room launches MoyoLiving website.msg128 K
07 Upper Room Update on Prayer Lines.msg201 K
10 Emmaus - A Journey with Christ.docx15 K
12 The Upper Room Programs.docx70 K
Chapter 11 Civic Youth Ministries-Scouting Ministry Specialist
01 Civic Youth Serving Agencies.docx26 K
04 Scouting.docx14 K
05 Does scouting change lives.docx82 K
06 Clergyman reunites with his former mentor.docx86 K
07 40 Day Shepherd Challenge.pdf512 K
09 BSA Fiscal Procedures FAQs 2013.pdf283 K
15 Amachi Brochure 2013.pdf296 K
16 Frequently asked questions about Big Brothers Big Sisters.pdf27 K
Chapter 12 Society of St Andrew
3 SoSA brochure 2013.pdf198 K
4 Meals for Millions 2013.pdf299 K
5 Bible Study Complete SOSA.pdf1,680 K
SoSA Website.docx12 K
Chapter 13 Awards and Recognition
01 The Society of John Wesley.docx14 K
02 John Wesley Fellow Brochure.pdf119 K
03 Life Member Brochure 2015 Fillable Form.pdf291 K
04 Life Member Brochure 2015.pdf288 K
05 CROSS & FLAME brochure 2013.pdf128 K
06 Torch Award Brochure.pdf294 K
07 Silver Torch award brochure.pdf650 K
08 The Circuit Riders Society.docx11 K
09 Bishop Award of Excelence brochure 2014.pdf104 K
10 Bishops Dinner-Handout.pdf181 K
11 Good Samaritan brochure 2013.pdf257 K
12 Susanna Wesley Award of Excellence.docx12 K
13 SusannaWesleyBrochure2015.pdf644 K
15 The presentation of the Susanna Wesley Award of Excellence.pdf12 K
UMM Brick Paver Project.docx66 K
Chapter 14 Resources
2 2017 Tools for UMMen.pdf302 K
3 Expand your ministry to men Third Edition Final.pdf497 K
History of United Methodist Men.pdf78 K
Chapter 15 Men's Ministry Specialist
1 MMS Mission.docx15 K
4 MMS brochure revised 2017.pdf1,197 K
Chapter 16 Spiritual Life
1 Recommended Reading for United Methodist Men 2015.pdf451 K
2 Resources for Mens Small Groups.pdf116 K
3 UM Men Disciple Supplement.pdf293 K
4 Year Bible Reading-Revised.pdf96 K
6 Bible Study Fast I Choose Complete SOSA.pdf1,672 K
Chapter 17 Strength for Service. Inc
1 Strength For Service Brochure-2015.pdf1,517 K
2 A celebration of first responders Service.pdf127 K
Chapter 18 Technology and Men's Ministry
1 Technology and Men's Ministry.pdf113 K
Chapter 19 Training Opportunities
4 UMM is pleased to announce Understanding Men's Ministry.docx28 K
5 Lead Like Jesus Introduction.pdf119 K
6 2016 GCUMM Three Part Goal Settin-Implementing Course.pdf1,842 K
7 2016 SMART Goals Worksheet11.8.15.pdf364 K
We are the Lions Video.pdf92 K
Chapter 20 UMM Foundation
3 UMM Foundation.docx24 K
UMM Foundation Information.pdf940 K
Will planning booklet.pdf5,116 K
Chapter 20 UMM Foundation\1 Endowment
Endowment.docx14 K
Chapter 21 Worship Services
1 Men's Ministry Sunday Service.pdf128 K
2 Men's Day Celebration Service.pdf16 K
3 Service of Installation of Officers UMM 2013.pdf54 K
4 Special Worship Services 2000 NEW.pdf214 K
5 Suggested service for Life Members.docx13 K
6 New retreat ideas for men.pdf24 K
Chapter 22 Powerpoint Presentations
Awards and Recognitions.pptx440 K
BSA YPT presentation 2-17-12.pdf771 K
DBOM of Illinois -Our Message - GMG.pptx6,083 K
Society of St Andrew Powerpoint Presentationn 3-25-2010.ppt6,445 K
UMMen Prayer Adv. 2014 Presentation final presented in 2015.ppt2,377 K
Whats New in Scouting Ministries.pptx354 K