I am a United Methodist Man

ManPraying-2I am a United Methodist Man. I am a man as human and as sinful as any other man. However, I have been changed forever by the merciful grace of God, grounded in His Word, and attempting, with His help, to live out my faith in the world. I feel especially called to a ministry of men and desire to see that every man reach the fullness of God and experience the wonderful saving grace of our Lord and Savior that I am privileged to know.

I am a United Methodist Man. I am not alone, but belong to a community of men within the United Methodist Church who share my call to ministry and who are moved to action by the whisperings of the Holy Spirit. Together, we are committed to serving God through word and deed and strive to live out our faith daily as we take up our cross and follow Him.

I am a United Methodist Man. I struggle against the demons of the flesh as I live in the world even though I am not of this world. I strive to spend time alone with Him daily in prayer and meditation and look to the Word for guidance and inspiration. I believe in His power working through me as I seek to bring other men to Him. I am strengthened in community with my fellow believers.

I am a United Methodist Man. I take seriously Jesus’ words, “Come, follow me.” I have a special concern for the sick, the marginalized, the needy. I assist the young through the scouting ministry of my church, honor the military and first responders with copies of Strength For Service, and help feed the hungry through participating in Stop Hunger Now and the Society of St. Andrew. I want to respond in a healing way to the brokenness of the world in which I live. I encourage my local fellowship to charter annually so as to support ministry to men beyond the local church.

I am a United Methodist Man. I will honor and uphold the traditions, polity and structure of the United Methodist Church. Together we can accomplish more than as individuals. I believe that our Wesleyan heritage makes us unique and well equipped to witness our faith to a dying and sinful world. Our connectedness gives strength to God’s call to love others as we would love Him.

I am a United Methodist Man. God’s call on my life and my obedience to Him makes me a radiating power. Through the faithfulness of my commitment to Him, I become a living symbol, the hands and feet of Jesus, a sign of His kingdom here on earth.

I am a United Methodist Man.

© 2014 Neil Brown