2021 Week of prayer

The week of August 8th thru 14th has been designated as a week of men coming together in prayer. Since 2018 men of the Western North Carolina Conference have been strongly urged to come together during the week to pray for and with each other, and this year, even if not present in the same room.

Prayers are asked to focus on the Discipleship of all Men, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Strength of Marriage and Family, Safe Communities and Our Church.  We suggest that each unit hold a short Men’s gathering on Sunday Aug. 8th before or after worship to kick off Prayer week.  Decide what would work best for you, praying alone, 1 on 1, or as a team. Work out if you want to meet at designated physical locations or designate a time for prayer via Zoom, conference call, or shared Holy Spirit moments.

Kick off Sunday Aug. 8th:

  •  Pray for seekers learning to be disciples

Monday Aug. 9:

  • Pray for ending domestic violence

Tuesday Aug. 10th

  •  Pray for strengthening our families

Wednesday Aug. 11th

  •  Pray for those in financial, emotional and spiritual need

Thursday Aug. 12th

  • Pray for the church, local and universal

Friday Aug. 13th

  • Pray for wise community and church leadership

Saturday Aug. 14th

  • Pray for peace and healing