Children’s Home

childrens_home_winston_salem-300x300The Children’s Home is an essential lifeline for all children and families who are in need of help. Whether it is an emotional or behavioral disorder that needs professional response, a temporary disruption to a family’s ability to provide stability and proper supervision, or a home environment that is simply too dangerous for a child, The Children’s Home is committed to caring for any child and helping any family that comes to us.

For children with needs that are beyond that of a traditional school, our emphasis on experiential learning provides children an opportunity to experience meaningful success as they learn, grow and make important behavioral adaptations. In the minds of children who often lack confidence and self-esteem, our holistic philosophy to education opens doors.

The therapeutic nature of our working farm provides children immeasurable opportunities for learning, loving, cooperation, and belonging. Whether selling strawberries or vegetables to the community or celebrating a bumper crop of giant pumpkins, children who are trying to regain a sense of order in their world find solace and healing in the nonjudgmental rhythms of nature, where background, age and status don’t matter. Here is a place where children can work together and cultivate a sense of unity and purpose as they witness and learn from the timeless cycles of life.,

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